3 Key differences between the Trump and Clinton impeachments

Today, Donald J. Trump was complaining on his Twitter account about how difficult it was to do his job while being investigated. Specifically, Trump as upset about his ability to deal with foreign leaders and having to “constantly defend himself.” Here’s what he wrote below:

Difficult to his job? Let’s all get in the “Wayback Machine” and compare some things between the Clinton impeachment and Trump’s current impeachment …

1st difference — Bill Clinton still was able to do his job and deal with foreign leaders without complaining.

Of course, there was no Twitter then, but Clinton didn’t complain to anyone. With Trump, the whining is almost daily.

2nd difference — Bill Clinton actually defended himself. Trump actually refuses to defend himself and has bragged about it.

Clinton allowed witnesses from his staff to testify, and testified himself. Trump refuses to testify and has had a blanket blockade on any staffers testifying or documents to be released to the investigation.

3rd difference — Clinton’s impeachment stemmed from a personal affair.  Trump’s impeachment is about how he weakened the nation’s national security for his own personal purposes.

Many argue that most married men in Clinton’s position would have not been forthright about it. In fact, Trump claims he lied about the whole Stormy Daniels scandal and payoffs to protect his wife and family. It is not unreasonable to suggest that Clinton was doing the same thing. Also, Clinton getting a little side action has never been credibly shown to affect anything else he did in office. If Trump is having problems dealing with foreign leaders now, perhaps it isn’t so much because of the investigations but because of things he did himself. Insulting other leaders, choosing to side with people like Vladamir Putin over our allies, and selling out the Kurds to Turkey might make others a bit nervous to deal with him.

Trump claims “great successes” in office. One alert Twitter user called him out perfectly on that claim …

Many, if not most of Trump’s economic successes can be either attributed to things President Obama had started or to tax cuts which have ballooned the deficit. Clinton had the biggest economic surge in our nation’s history and managed to balance the budget at the same time.

Bottom line … if Trump cannot do his job with some distractions, then maybe he should rethink his actual ability to do that job.

For more facts about the Trump impeachment trial that everyone should know, check this out. 



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