Donald Trump Jr. gets hilariously roasted on Amazon for his book, Triggered

This year, Donald Trump Jr., son of President Trump, decided to try his hand at writing. Or at least trying his hand at hiring a ghostwriter. The results? Well, to make it look like anyone wants to read the book, the RNC bought around 100,000 dollars worth of Triggered. The book doesn’t seem to be taken seriously by anyone except Trump’s most fervent followers. In fact, many people have taken to Amazon to share their thoughts on the book and some of them make Trump Jr. look like he’s the star of one of Comedy Central’s “Roasts.”

1st off, Several reviewers wanted to let everyone know exactly who seems to be buying the book:













Those might have been some of the mildest criticisms.

Other reviewers got downright snarky:





We assume the following is sarcasm (including the ALL CAPS):









On a more serious note, one reviewer pointed out the outright callousness Trump Jr. shows when comparing his family’s alleged “sacrifices” to those who gave their lives to and for their country and are now buried at Arlington National Cemetery:










Other reviewers accused Trump Jr. of having someone else write the book. Many of those people insulted the ghostwriter for being sloppy, using poor grammar, and needing an editor badly.

There, of course, was one group that fully embraced Triggered, and it wasn’t fans of Roy Rogers. It was, of course, Trump’s base — and maybe a few Russians. They delighted in the conspiracy theories and ignored the poor writing. Pretty much what one has come to expect from “the base.” This was about the most coherent of those reviews:

The funniest review complained of a lack of things they would expect from a Trump Jr. work of literature:

Fake sales, possible ghostwriter, disrespect for fallen heroes, conspiracy theories, and other nonsense. Most people didn’t seem triggered by the book, only saddened that the son of a President would be wasting his time doing such things for profit, which one other reviewer cleverly mentioned:

This was a roasting Trump Jr. thoroughly deserved. It isn’t his 1st roast, he gets those when his Tweets don’t age well. 


Featured image via God, who apparently uses Flickr.


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