Faux “expert” declares measles “no big deal” on Faux News

Measles is a dangerous disease. Not everyone dies from it, but there are fatalities every year. Plus there are other significant concerns about the disease. Leave it to Fox News to do their best to minimize the actual threat of measles.

Did they go to known medical experts? No, of course not. Fox went and found “experts” in an airport. After health officials announced that people may have been exposed to the virus in as many as five major airports, Fox didn’t offer expert analysis but seemingly went and found the most uninformed people they could. All of the people they interviewed were not even aware of the threat. Then came their final “expert” who declared measles wasn’t any big deal at all. Jenny McCarthy and the anti-vax movement must be proud.

“Measles is not a big deal to me at all. When I was a child I had the measles. It’s an insignificant disease and I think it is stupid that people are making such a big deal out of it.”

See the clip below:

Fox, in all fairness, did offer some decent advice after that, such as getting vaccinated. In fact, they did mention that people should get both vaccines as well (at the top of the segment) for the two types of the disease. But it failed miserably in the respect that they said really nothing to correct the woman as far as measles being “insignificant” or people being “stupid” for having any concern about it whatsoever.

Here are some facts that Fox chose to omit:

  1. Measles can be fatal. It often is not, but it can be.
  2. Unimmunized people, especially children, are a great threat to everyone else and can cause outbreaks.
  3. In addition to death, measles can cause birth defects in a pregnant woman’s fetus.
  4. Among other problems and birth defects, affected infants may have cataracts, heart defects, hearing impairment, and learning disabilities.
  5. Measles has caused stillborn births as well.

Most people would not call such things “insignificant” or think people were stupid for being concerned about measles. Fox’s “fair and balanced” approach here does everyone a great disservice.  There aren’t “two equal sides” here — there is one side that has a sound basis in science and history and another that is one’s own insignificant and stupid opinion.


Featured image via screen capture from the video above. 

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