Matt Bevin feeds more controversy in defending last minute pardon of a rapist

Right before he left office, Kentucky’s former Republican Governor Matt Bevin decided to pardon a man, Micah Schoettle, convicted of raping a 9-year-old child. That pardon has become the subject of intense scrutiny, mostly for Bevin’s apparent lack of understanding of how rape and rape laws work. Bevin defended his last-minute action during a wide-ranging17-minute radio interview with talk show host Terry Meiners.

Bevin concluded that there was “zero evidence” since the 9-year-old victim’s hymen was “still intact” and that rape was impossible. That assertion is dangerously inaccurate according to others.

Dr. George Nichols, who was Kentucky’s chief medical examiner for 20 years and later started the child abuse evaluation system at Kosair Children’s Hospital said Bevin’s claim is flatly incorrect.

“Rape is not proved by hymen penetration. Rape is proved by phallic penetration … where the vaginal lips meet the outer surface of the vagina.

 He not only doesn’t know the law, in my humble opinion, he clearly doesn’t know medicine and anatomy.”

Nichols added that he worked for six consecutive governors as the chief medical examiner in Kentucky, “and fortunately I didn’t have to report to that a–hole.”

According to Forensic Science International, a peer-reviewed journal, a survey of pediatric child abuse rape cases indicated that only 2.1% of subjects examined had visible lesions on the hymen.

Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders, who prosecuted the 2018 case against Schoettle and has called for an investigation into Bevin’s pardon, said  former governor Matt Bevin “is ignorant of the medicine and science in child rape cases.”

In a text message, Sanders stated the following:

“Even the defense experts testified they would not expect to find an injury in the victim’s sexual assault exam. This was the subject of an eight-hour court hearing Matt Bevin obviously never watched.”

Schoettle was found guilty of rape, sodomy, and other sexual crimes and sentenced to 23 years in prison in 2018.

Hear the complete interview with Matt Bevin below:

Listen to “Matt Bevin talks the pardons he granted including case specifics” on Spreaker.

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