Mike Lee flip-flops and goes full MAGA after trashing Iran briefing

Mike Lee, the conservative/libertarian-leaning Republican Senator turned some heads yesterday when he exited a briefing by the Trump administration and told reporters that it was “insane” and the worst briefing he had ever been a part of. Today, on Fox, it seems that a literal or proverbial check must have cleared, as they say, because Lee was back to being in full-throttle support of Donald J. Trump.

Lee blamed the briefers for the horrible briefing and seemed to totally exonerate Trump.

“Those who assigned to come and brief us yesterday from the administration didn’t share this president’s view that has been very respectful toward his commander in chief power. I applaud this president, I support this president — this president has been fantastic. He has been unprecedentedly deferential to the American people and restrained in his use of the commander in chief power — more than any other President in my lifetime.”

See the full clip below with some additional remarks by Lee in the clip:

Unfortunately for Lee, in his remarks yesterday, he already put aside the idea that there was some misunderstanding about what was being said. Furthermore, Lee expressed his desire to vote for Democrat Tim Kaine’s “War Powers” resolution which would severely limit Trump’s ability to act without congressional consultation and approval.

Think about it — Lee wouldn’t vote for such a resolution to curb the briefers, it would be to curb Trump. Lee’s comments yesterday fly in the face of what he is trying to say now. While yesterday’s press conference may have served as some sort of”restoration of faith” for some who have been waiting for Washington Republicans to draw some sort of line in the sand where they believe Trump has gone too far — today squashed all such hope. Today, Lee reminded America that Donald J.Trump likes his Republicans obedient and submissive. WithMike  Lee, he can be assured he has exactly that.


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