Police urge homeless not to be homeless during investigation

Baton Rouge police are investigating the murders of 3 homeless people. They believe the killings are connected. So naturally, they reached out to the homeless for clues and evidence. That is all well and good, but the police made a request of the homeless in the area that might be a fairly tall order for them to fill. They essentially asked the homeless to not be homeless while they figure all this out.

Really — as if it was a choice.

Specifically, Baton Rouge’s finest have asked those without homes to not sleep outside during this investigation. In other words, don’t be homeless. The city does have some shelters and will try to accommodate all that they can — but still, surely some will have no choice.

The latest on the investigation from CNN:

Police in Louisiana’s capital say they believe the recent killings of three homeless people are connected and they’re urging homeless people in the city to stay in shelters as they try to find the killer or killers.

The three victims were shot to death outdoors near downtown Baton Rouge last month. Two were killed in the same place on December 13, and the third on Friday, not far from the first scene. Investigators have declined to say why they think the shootings are related. An investigation into the killings is underway, police Sgt. Don Coppola Jr. said Wednesday.
Michael Acaldo, director of shelter provider St. Vincent de Paul of Baton Rouge, told a local Baton Rouge affiliate on Friday that the organization would add beds to its centers.  Acaldo said they can normally accommodate up to 120 people on a given night.
A recent report said that Baton Rouge had upwards of 400 people seeking homeless services in a report released in October of last year, so the facility would need to more than triple their capacity to safely accommodate everyone.
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