Trump can’t even enjoy Christmas without attacking Nancy Pelosi

Most Americans spent their Christmas holiday with family and/or loved ones. Most of us turned off the political parts of our brains as much as possible during the holiday. Donald Trump, apparently, was incapable of doing such things and spent Christmas attacking Nancy Pelosi — a woman who has publically declared that she “prays” for the President.

Trump’s response to her well-intentioned prayers was to attack her on Christmas night in a series of tweets that surely neither Jesus or Santa would be proud of.

Seemingly, Trump must take the phrase “goodwill toward men” literally and think that it doesn’t apply to women.

Furthermore, someone seriously needs to explain how impeachment works to Trump. The “House” portion of the process is not a trial, and none of it is the same as a criminal trial in a civilian court. There are comparisons that can be reasonably made, however.

The House part of the process is more akin to the indictment or grand jury process in a criminal proceeding. It isn’t a trial. It is the presentation of evidence by the prosecution. In those processes, the prosecution has zero obligation to allow the defense anything outside of the rules.

Despite that, the Democrats did request witnesses and documents from the White House. Trump refused and ordered his people to stonewall all requests and subpoenas.

Trump was offered other ways to participate in the House process. Trump refused and did nothing but incessantly complain on Twitter about “unfairness.”

What the House of Representatives was not obligated to do was allow Trump and his GOP allies ways to turn the proceeding into a circus. They were not obligated to entertain certain ridiculous conspiracy theories about Crowdstrike, The Biden’s, or Ukraine (and not Russia) being the actual “meddler” in the 2016 election.

They did offer Trump opportunities to defend himself against the actual charges. Opportunities they were not obligated to make — and Trump refused.

Nancy Pelosi has obviously gotten deep under Trump’s skin the way Macaulay Culkin got under the burglar’s skin in Home Alone. When Trump tweets like this, he isn’t showing the strength he thinks he is, but an obvious weakness that strong women and people who refuse to bow down to him now know well.



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