Trump retweets chart that shows how Obama bested him economically

On Sunday night, Donald J. Trump was at his Twittering again. This time, however, he may have really messed up. Trump retweeted a chart by Andy Puzder that actually shows that Obama was the better man when it comes to economics. Below is what Trump retweeted:

Not so fast, Andy. First off, Americans have not had it better under Trump’s tax scheme, they are worse off. Trump’s own CBO office shows that in a much clearer fashion, as seen below:

And as anyone can see, it is the poorest among Americans that suffer the most.

Also, the gains that Trump touts are rather insignificant. Going from 3.5 percent to 4.5 percent is hardly bringing home the bacon. Heck, that’s not even bringing home the spam. Furthermore, job growth has actually gone down by a significant 15 percent under Trump, with Obama besting him in that category as well:

Even Trump’s own chart, which is pretty much propaganda, shows that the better jobs in this country are have seen little or no wage growth since Trump took office. It is also plain to see that those same wage earners saw more growth during Obama’s last few years in office, when his long-term economic recovery was in full steam.

While it would be intellectually dishonest to suggest that all administrations try to use statistics to their advantage, Trump’s ways of using them can be downright Orwellian. Unfortunately for him as well, his own chart shows how much better Obama did for workers, increasing wages at higher annual percentage levels for not only low-wage jobs, but middle incomes as well. Also, keep in mind that over the past few years, many states have raised their own minimum wage, despite Republicans fighting against such things, and that has caused the bump more than anything Trump or any employer has voluntarily done.


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