Trump shows he understands impeachment as well as he understands running a casino

Donald J. Trump was on the warpath, or at least the Twitter warpath, flexing his keyboard warrior fingers once again today. In today’s rant, the POTUS demonstrated his lack of knowledge of the impeachment process for all to see.

This is what Trump tweeted:

So, what Trump is suggesting is that Moscow Mitch McConnell, who has stated his willingness to do Trump’s bidding, will schedule the trial on some “inconvenient” day and the Democrats will just blow it off — giving him victory “by default.” This comes after Nancy Pelosi decided not to immediately send the Articles of Impeachment, which passed the House on Wednesday, to the Senate immediately.  This is a strategy Trump surely should not count on.

Trump is suggesting that McConnell can set the trial date whenever he wants, without the articles. It doesn’t work that way.

Oh, there’s one other detail — The Constitution doesn’t actually say what he quoted. It is a phony quote.

So, essentially, Trump is literally making up his own Constitution. As if these times weren’t Orwellian enough.

Jeff Tiedrich, who writes the “Smirking Chimp” blog and makes it his duty to be a thorn in Trump’s side, was quick to see through the guise …

Of course, Trump’s venture into the casino business was one of his most famous failures outside the current impeachment loss. He bankrupted both his Trump Marina and Trump Taj Mahal businesses. The latter ended up being sold off for a mere four cents on the dollar when it was all said and done. Sometimes, the house doesn’t win, especially when Trump is running the game.

Perhaps Trump is upset that now, in 2019, “the house” did win — the House of Representatives — The people’s house.

The trial will happen, probably in the early part of next year. Trump should expect all the Democrats in the Senate to show up, along with the American people. Trump trying to invent his own Constitutional text won’t change that one bit.


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