White House megaphones inflammatory anti-gay rhetoric in new video

This week has seen the news dominated by talk of the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump. The way Trump sucks all the oxygen out of the room during any given news cycle frustrates some, but probably not Vice President Mike Pence. Trump’s dominance of the headlines allows the Vice President the freedom to do what he does best, promote draconian fundamentalist “Christianity” — especially when that rhetoric is hateful and anti-gay.

Such a thing happened this week, specifically on Sunday — the day before the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday that he attended at the Holy City of God Church of Christ. (boy, talk about trying to possess all things Christian in one title … ijs)

At the event, Pence gave what was a rather standard conservative evangelical speech, but really, it was the speaker after Pence spoke that should have all people who believe in the separation of church and state up in arms.

Speaking after Pence was Bishop Jerry Wayne Taylor, who gave an extremely fiery, and anti-gay, sermon. Here are a few of the lines Taylor offered up to the flock:

‘It’s a demonic spirit that causes another woman to want to lie with another woman. It’s a demonic spirit that causes another man, a man, to be attracted to another man.’

But wait, there’s more …

“God didn’t make us for that. He made a man to be a man. If you want to know what God made you, when you go to the bathroom, just check your plumbing. What kind of plumbing are you using?”

He also threatened anyone who dared to find him attractive — saying they would “get in trouble.”

Taylor went on to call homosexuality “unnatural,” saying it’s unique to humans. “You never see two male animals coming together,” he said,  “We’ve got to expose what the devil is doing.”

Of course, Taylor is dead wrong about homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom, as National Geographic has pointed out:

But, actually, some same-sex birds do do it. So do beetles, sheep, fruit bats, dolphins, and orangutans. Zoologists are discovering that homosexual and bisexual activity is not unknown within the animal kingdom.

Roy and Silo, two male chinstrap penguins at New York’s Central Park Zoo have been inseparable for six years now. They display classic pair-bonding behavior—entwining of necks, mutual preening, flipper flapping, and the rest. They also have sex, while ignoring potential female mates.

Wild birds exhibit similar behavior. There are male ostriches that only court their own gender, and pairs of male flamingos that mate, build nests, and even raise foster chicks.

But back to the point.

The most sinister part of Bishop Taylor’s anti-gay comments perhaps wasn’t that he said them, and believes them — it is that they are being megaphoned out to the world via the official White House Youtube channel. So everyone, including the channel’s 1.29 million subscribers, is subject to fundamentalist evangelical rants on homosexuality.  As of this writing, the sermon is still posted on the channel.

You can see the full video below, with Taylor’s remarks beginning at around the 2 hour and 43 minute mark:

Even though Pence was not the one delivering the actual remarks, he surely knows what Taylor and this church are about — it wasn’t chosen at random. Furthermore, without Pence speaking there, the sermon would never be on the White House official Youtube channel.

When people talk about Mike Pence being more dangerous than Trump, this is the kind of thing they are referring to. That doesn’t mean that Trump isn’t dangerous, but Pence seems to work his beliefs and doctrines into the fabric of America in a much subtler way, often flying below the radar. Is that more dangerous? Perhaps. One thing it is for sure, is trampling on the idea of our churches and our state remaining separate. Furthermore, Pence and his associates do it with a complete ignorance of facts — only their doctrine matters. An anti-gay doctrine that millions of Americans find hateful and divisive.


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